contract automation

Create your contracts faster, without losing legal certainty

  • Contract template automation
  • Dynamic completion forms
  • Import of external contracts
  • Management of annexes

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Contract Automation
Contract Automation
Automate your contracts without technical skills

You no longer need to master Excel or have technical skills to automate your contract templates.

Thanks to a no-code editor, you can automate your templates on your own.

Create your contracts without losing legal certainty

Contract templates are often made available to teams in Word or Excel format in a shared folder with sometimes complex indications on parts to edit.

Make your contract templates available to your internal customers without fear of unwanted changes. Only predetermined fields can be modified.

Storage of contracts
Automated workflow
Accelerate the creation of your contracts

To create a contract, the exchanges between in-house counsels and operational staff can sometimes be long and time-consuming.

With, you can easily draft your contracts using a dynamic form adapted to your models and complete the fields of your contracts manually or automatically by connecting your business tools.

Take advantage of your contract data
Bringstrategic contract data to life

Beyond simply eliminating time-consuming tasks, automation allows you to leverage the strategic information contained in your contracts.

All the data entered to complete a contract is used to enable you to monitor your deadlines, to create your contract memos or to manage your contractual activity through a statistical dashboard.

Automate your contracts.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks without losing legal certainty.

Be demanding at every stage of the contract life cycle

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Contract Approval Workflows

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Contract Monitoring

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Contract Storage

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