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Internal validation circuit
Gagnez en productivité et conformité grâce aux circuits d’approbation automatisés
Increase productivity and compliance with automated approval processes

Program an automated validation circuit for each contract and consult the status of the contractual process at any time. All the actors involved are notified by e-mail of the actions to be taken.

Make sure you get the right person on the right contract

Relieve your operational teams of this burden. Systematise these rules upstream in your contracts. Allow the relevant staff to validate your documents according to the nature of the contract, its amount or the nature of the activity.

Make sure you get the right person on the right contract
Bring your delegations to life
Bring your delegationsto life

Automate the delegation of authority for the contracts you want. Determine which employee is competent to act for your company. Make the chain of authority more reliable and systematise compliance with procedures through an automated internal validation workflow.

Keep control of your contractual commitments

Be demanding at every stage of the contract life cycle

Electronic Signature

Electronic signature - Contract Management Software

Contract Monitoring

Monitoring contractual deadlines - Contract Management Software

Contract Storage

Contract archiving - Contract Management Software

Contract automation

Contract Automation - Contract Management Software