Words from Lawyers,
the podcast that examines the careers of inspiring in-house lawyers.

Paroles de Juristes proposed by Seraphin.legal and supported by the AFJE, the leading organisation for in-house lawyers in France.

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Hors-série #9

Laurent-Victor Clain

Membre de la commission énergies renouvelables de l’AFJE

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Hors-série #9

Laurent-Victor Clain

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Nathalie Dubois



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Who are we?

Founded in 2016 by Thomas Saint-Aubin and Pierre Lasvigne, Seraphin.legal is a contract management solution that supports the growth of companies through an efficient contractual process.

For the record...

Paroles de Juristes is the adventure we embarked on a year ago when very few people believed in it...

Some people told us that lawyers do not listen to podcasts, others that they were not ready to do so.

However, through our activity, we have daily informal exchanges with our clients,
company lawyers who share with us their stages of development, their feedback, good practices, failures and successes.

In early 2021, we decided to share these exchanges.


Paroles de Juristes is the first French podcast to go and meet the men and women who make up our Legal Departments and tell the human stories behind the titles of "Lawyer", "Legal Manager", "Legal Director" or "Contract Manager".

The aim?

To provide you with all the recipes to progress in your career in a concrete way.

Since February 2021, we are proud to contribute to the promotion of the men and women who make up our Legal Departments in partnership with the AFJE.

Well done and thank you to the lawyers who have agreed and will agree to take part in the exercise.

You inspire, advise, entertain and pass on good practice to thousands of listeners every week.

The Seraphin.legal Team