Contract Monitoring

Take advantage of your contractual data

  • Deadlines manager
  • Deadlines reminder
  • Summary sheets
  • Statistical dashboard

Join the 100+ companies polishing their contracts with

One deadline,
many opportunities

Don't waste time maintaining excel files.

View all your contract deadlines and set reminders with notifications so you don't miss any.

Quickly access the deadlines and reminders that matter

Quickly consulting all the key contractual deadlines of the company can be complex.

With, filter all your reminders and deadlines in an advanced way: by type of contract, co-contractors, signature date, etc.

Deadlines monitoring on a contract management software
Link action plans to your deadlines

Each deadline implies a specific action.

Specify your task list, link the necessary documentation to it and share this information with your team.

All this information will be useful for its processing.

Gain clarity on your contracts

Consult a sheet for each contract summarising its essential elements.
Add new elements manually if necessary. Get an overview of your commitments in a few seconds.

Manage your contractual activity with reliable indicators

Track all your key performance indicators and manage your company's contractual activity. Export this data in Excel format.

Gain clarity and efficiency in monitoring your contracts

Be demanding at every stage of the contract life cycle

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Contract Automation

Collaborative Negotiation

Contract Approval Workflows