Manage contractual activity through reliable indicators

Do you want to manage your contractual activity using reliable indicators? You will find in this space the information you need to meet your requirements.

Quelles sont les difficultés rencontrées en entreprise ?

Managing contractual activity through reliable indicators is one of the primary objectives of companies wishing to implement a Contract Management solution.

Setting up a dashboard and providing regular reporting on contract activity is impossible if contract data is scattered and manual entry is required.

L’analyse des pratiques existantes en matières de gestion de contrats au sein des entreprises permet de mettre en avant de nombreuses difficultés :

  • Contract data is static and does not automatically feed back
  • Detailed reports are built manually (1 to 2 hours per week)
  • Legal teams do not have figures to support their arguments, assumptions and decisions
  • The company has no visibility on the state of the contractual process at a given moment
Here, the challenge is to exploit the data generated throughout the life cycle of contracts for two purposes:
  • Ensuring better visibility of the company's contract pool
  • Provide legal teams with reliable and quantified indicators on their activity
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KPI Contract Management
Measure your performance reliably

Track all your performance indicators and manage your company's contractual activity.

Don't waste time compiling scattered data

All the data collected throughout the life cycle of a contract is used to enable you to manage your contract activity through a statistical dashboard.Export this data in Excel format and save 1 to 2 hours per week.

Contract Management KPI
Provide visibility on the progress of your negotiations

The conclusion of a contract is always good news for the company. Reassure your contacts. Your statistical dashboard will give them visibility on the progress of your negotiations.

Put the numbers on your side, get your projects done

Rely on up-to-date and reliable data to make the best decisions, provide the best advice and justify your projects.

Optimise the monitoring of contractual deadlines

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Free up time for legal teams

Provide a smooth and collaborative contractual experience

Simplify and make reliable contract approval processes

Optimise the monitoring of contractual deadlines

Centralise and mutualise your contractual resources

Connect contracts data to company tools