Provide a smooth and collaborative contractual experience

If you want to make contract management in your company more fluid, you will find in this space the information you need to offer a fluid and collaborative contractual experience.

Smooth and collaborative contract negotiation

Quelles sont les difficultés rencontrées en entreprise ?

Providing a smooth and collaborative contractual experience is one of the primary objectives of companies wishing to implement a Contract Management solution.

Moreover, time-consuming tasks account for 92% of the business process compared to 8% of legal expertise.

L’analyse des pratiques existantes en matières de gestion de contrats au sein des entreprises permet de mettre en avant de nombreuses difficultés :

  • Lack of visibility on the progress of the contracting process
  • Complexity in identifying the right legal contact for a given type of contract or operation
  • Unsecured contract documents, scattered in separate files
  • Lack of coordinated and centralised monitoring of negotiations, loss of information
  • Loss of a version of a draft contract under negotiation
  • Costs and delivery times for signature mailings
The challenge here is to provide a framework for negotiation by centralising activity around contracts in one place.
Discover the functionalities to offer a fluid and collaborative contractual experience
The collaborative review that provides a framework for your negotiations
The collaborative review that provides a framework for your negotiations

Work with your co-contractors collaboratively and in real time with change tracking and comments. Target a specific contact person in your revisions by simply mentioning their name.

Invite your co-contractorsfor free and without limit

Offering a smooth, secure and quality contractual experience has a positive impact on your image as a company in relation to your customers, but also in relation to your suppliers, partners and employees. Invite all your external contacts to collaborate on your contracts free of charge and without restriction. They only have access to the documents you share with them.

Leverage events on your contracts to automate your workflows
Centralise exchanges around your contracts in one place

Each contract has a dedicated collaborative space as soon as it is created. Put an end to the dispersion of versions by email: your strategic information will no longer be put at risk, all your exchanges between your collaborators and your contractors will be recorded and gathered in one place around the contract.

Reliable management of your versions as you negotiate.

Say goodbye to version confusion, inappropriate overwriting of files or validation and signature of the wrong version. Save and name the successive versions of your contracts. You can restore them at any time. Only the current version will be available for signing.

Contract versionning 
Compare and identify inappropriate changes

Compare two versions of a document easily and quickly identify changes made to the document to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Free up time for legal teams

Simplify and make reliable contract approval processes

Optimise the monitoring of contractual deadlines

Centralise and mutualise your contractual resources

Connect contracts data to company tools

Manage contractual activity through reliable indicators