Negotiate with all your contacts in real time

  • Invitation of interns and externs
  • Collaborative reviews
  • Advanced permissions management
  • Internal and external messaging
  • History and comparison of versions

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Collaborative contract negotiation
Contractual review
The collaborative review that provides a framework for your negotiations

Going back and forth by email on a contract, with successive versions saved locally, slows down the conclusion of a contract, wastes time and affects your relations with your co-contractors.

Bring together all your internal and external contacts in a single dedicated space.

Centralise exchanges and find the complete history of your negotiations

Put an end to the dispersal of versions by email: your strategic information will no longer be put at risk, all your exchanges between your collaborators and your contractors will be recorded and gathered in one place around the contract.

Work with your co-contractors in a collaborative way and in real time thanks to the tracking of modifications and comments.

Exchanges centralization
Contract versionning 
Reliable management of your versions as you negotiate

Say goodbye to version confusion, untimely overwriting of files or validating and signing the wrong version.

Save and name the successive versions of your contracts. You can restore them at any time. Only the current version will be available for signing.

Compare and identify
inappropriate changes

Compare two versions of a document easily and quickly identify changes made to the document to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Comparison of versions
Invite your co-contractors
Invite your co-contractors
free of charge and without limit

Offering a smooth, secure and quality contractual experience has a positive impact on your image as a company in the eyes of your customers, but also in the eyes of your suppliers, partners and employees.

Invite all your external contacts to collaborate on your contracts free of charge and without restriction. They only have access to the documents you share with them.

Support your company's growth through an efficient negotiation process

Be demanding at every stage of the contract life cycle

Contract Approval Workflows

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Electronic Signature

Electronic signature - Contract Management Software

Contract Monitoring

Monitoring contractual deadlines - Contract Management Software

Contract Storage

Contract Storage - Contract Management Software